Architect Report to Parish

December 10, 2018

St. John Paul II Catholic Parish
3042 Hikes Lane, Louisville, KY. 40220

RE: Architectural Services – Parish Study – Hikes Lane & Goldsmith Lane Campuses

Attn: Fr. William Burks, Pastor & Buildings Assessment Committee Members

Dear Fr. Burks & Committee Members,
Thank you for allowing us to present this report regarding the selection of a campus location for the future of ST. JOHN PAUL II CATHOLIC PARISH. The report has been prepared to provide facts & professional opinions to assist the Parish site selection committee in making a final decision for the location of the parish at either the Hikes Lane Campus, 3042 Hikes Lane OR the Goldsmith Lane Campus, at 3521 Goldsmith Lane, in Louisville, Kentucky.

The report is organized in an outline format, to cover similar information for both potential sites. The information provided is the best and most current information available at the time the report was completed. It has been reviewed many times during its preparation by the Pastor
and members of the buildings assessment committee for accuracy, completeness and lack of bias toward either campus location. All persons involved in the preparation of this document are members of other Catholic parishes, with no personal preference toward either campus. We understand that these decisions can be very contentious, so every effort was made to produce a document heavy on facts, light on opinions that treats both campuses with absolute equality.

Drawings and information in this report were derived from multiple sources within and from outside the project team and parish. Cost estimates were provided by our firm and project team. Members of GSAA attended Masses and social events at both campuses for insight regarding the use of as many current facilities on both campuses as possible. Please review the report in its entirety. Feel free to ask questions about anything with which you don’t understand or agree.
Thank you for the opportunity to serve St. John Paul II Catholic Parish.

Very Truly Yours
Gil Stein, Jr., President

Report to Parish Council and Finance Committee

Entire Architectural Report